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Joyful Practices

Nacala Ayele, Joy Actualization Coach
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Monique Franklin of Inspired Child Studios

About Me

Hello! I am Nacala.

I was born and raised Seattle Washington, Duwamish Territory, one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen-and I have traveled a lot! I come from a background of art, healing, service and activism.​

I am passionate about myself and my loved -ones taking time to deepen our gifts.  To gather and  to grow them so that after, and only after we have given the best of ourselves, to ourselves  we can go out into the world sharing our gifts from an abundant wealth of goodness. It is out of this desire that Joyful Practices was born

Things That Bring Me Joy: Roller skating, dancing,  spending time with my amazing family and supportive community, travel, laughing  and talkin' mess with friends. 

My Super Powers: Compassionate listening and food

Top of My Magical Wishlist: Trip to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, or Antarctica

About Joyful Practices


Joyful Practices was created to help Black, Indigenous and People of Color  at all intersections of identity, to access and enjoy their own gifts. Historically Black, and Brown people have been exploited not just for their bodies and land, but also for their talents and gifts. One of the many ways we have internalized this piece of oppression is to deny ourselves our own magic, only to utilize it in the service of others.


Through deep listening and thoughtful exploration we will collaborate to unearth the ways you have denied yourself your own gifts, how that has negatively impacted your life and put plans in place to reconnect you to your own genius.


Joyful Practices is an unapologetically Black and Unapologetically anti-racist enterprise.


Photo credit:   Chloe Fulton of Bramble Basics on Instagram

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Frolic In Your Magic!

Photo credit:
Monique Franklin of Inspired Child Studios


Free 15 minute
Joy Exploration Call

Find out how Joyful Practices can help you live the life of your dreams by crafting your life around the things that bring you the most joy!

6o Minute
Joy Actualization Sessions

Single sessions are a great way to establish a work plan and keep it pushing!  They can also be helpful to re-orient yourself after your Vibranium Package is complete

Joy Actualization Packages

Coaching packages offer time and space for you to implement the tools that we explore together and to provide accountability to move you forward along your path.  Packages come  in 4, 8 and 12 sessions and include one check-in, in between sessions

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Photo credit:
Monique Franklin of Inspired Child Studios

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